[SOLVED] Will a MSI GTX 1660 Ti Ventus xs OC fit in the NZXT H500/H500i?

Feb 28, 2019
I'm currently planning to get a new PC for gaming and I've already selected most parts that I want in pcpartpicker as seen here:

I also want to get a new 144hz 1080p monitor for my build. But here's the problem:
When I select the MSI GTX 1660 Ti Ventus xs OC and the NZXT H500 Case, it says as seen in the Picture here:

"Unable to verify the NZXT - H500i (White) ATX Mid Tower Case has sufficient space to fit the MSI - GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB VENTUS XS OC Video Card"
Now i'm asking you guys if the case has enough place for the GPU. If not, can you guys recommend me a good case that isn't too expensive?
I'm also aware about the M.2 SSD deactivating 2 SATA Ports but I'm probably only going to be using 1 for my HDD (The motherboard has 6 overall anyway.).
Also if the GPU doesn't fit, can you guys recommend me a GPU that's has a better price value or a GPU that's lower in price but also good, because I kinda want to stay with that case.