Question Will a new CPU fix my issues


Jul 25, 2017
Hi there, long story short. I been gaming my entire life, but stopped when I went to college. Recently moved into a big city and find myself home a lot more. Want to get back into gaming like before; however, it seems my PC is not as good as it use to be.

I have the very first gen Ryzen 3. I got it years ago, my games can run, but I get just worse FPS then before and my game stutters a lot more it seems like. I have updated everything on my PC and it runs a bit better however I believe a new CPU would do my PC wonders.

I have a 1060 Graphics Card and might get a new one too. Just wanted ask the forums if a new CPU would seem to do the trick in making my games performance enhanced. Ill list my specs below.

CPU- AMD Ryzen 3 First Gen
GPU- NVIDIA 1060 6gigs
16gb RAM DDR4
Some expensive Gaming MOBO.

Assuming a new CPU would do the trick and if I fork it out for a new GPU I believe i would have a damn good set up again. What do you think. Thank you!