Question Will a quick test kill my PSU? (A semi-necropost with updated numbers)

Sep 14, 2020
I just got my gtx 960 off ebay, and I want to test it. My cpu is a qx9650. I can get my hands on a semi-old 350 watt psu for a short period, and I am wondering if booting it with the 960 plugged in will kill it, windows boot. I am going to order a better power supply, but I want to make sure that the gpu works before I do anything else. The psu is like a 5 year old psu, some no-name called "Power-Man." Will it power my rig at all? The CPU is quite old and has a pretty inefficient power draw. Once I can boot this thing I will be putting down 79 bucks for a good bronze 550 watt. I am afraid of buying the psu without tesing only to realize the gpu is dead.

Note: I will not be stress testing. Only a windows boot. It will be on for like 5 minutes, and I will open task manager to look at everything.