Will a roach foggier/Bug bomb break a computer?


May 13, 2017
So I have been dealing with a roach problem in my house for the past 4 months after I've been given a infested dish washer. It's gotten to the point where they will nest anywhere that is warm and they're all out through my house. I plan on fixing the problem next week by using these roach bombs that fog up a room with poison to kill the pests. Will the bombs break my desktop computer even if I have it unplugged during the bombing? I don't want to bomb the house just to find out that the bombs have broken my computer, and I want to leave the computer in the house during bombing because the computer is also infested with the pests. What do I DO?????
Bug bombs aren't that effective for roaches and contaminate everything.

Get Advion Cockroach Gel. Place lines on trash can rims, near water sources, inside cabinets, along baseboards near pet food bowls. Cover/block pet accessible areas.

The little bastards can't resist it. If you apply where they are hiding I've seen them run out to devour it. It's like crack for them.

Check baits frequently and keep reapplying daily as it dries out or when eaten. Keep it up for a couple of weeks. In the first few days I had dead and dying roaches all over. By two weeks there were no more and they did not return.

I think they also make DuPont Advion bait stations for cleaner and pet safe application.
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