Question Will a RX 580 8gb help with Adobe Premiere and/or After Effects?

Nov 1, 2018

Currently I am running a Nvidia GT 730 2gb DDR3 (pcie 2.0...)

I have a Ryzen 5 2600 @ 3.9Ghz, 32gb Ram @ 3000mhz, on a MSI B450 Tomahawk.

I want to buy a MSI RX 580 8gb (or an RX 570 8gb), but I was wondering if it will speed up my Playback in After Effects and Premiere as currently I can't play the projects in real time @ 30fps on relatively simple projects (like this one: ).

I am aware that Nvidia cards perform better with Adobe Products, but I don't mind a 5-10% difference for an AMD Card. I would only mind my GPU not being utilized AT ALL because not having "cuda" cores or not being recognized by the software.

Currently the MSI rx 580 8gb sells for 217euros in my country, while the GTX MSI 1060 6GB is 237euro. Not a big difference in price, but I am an AMD fan I guess, so... if there's not much difference in performance, I'd like to go with RX 580 8Gb.

RX 570 8gb is only 20euros cheaper so it's not worth it. At that price level, it's on par with the 1050 ti 4gb in my country.
It depends on the specific job. In general a GTX 1060 6GB will beat a Vega 64 with Adobe Premiere. So, an RX 580 will fair worse. In live playback this varies from a mild difference to a major difference.