Question Will abnormal GPU usage hurt my GPU?


Nov 12, 2018
Hi there,

yes, the question would seem to answer itself, but let me elaborate.

For the past few month, ive been seeing odd spikes in GPU clock + usage with desktop programs that have never needed so much juice in the past, including:
*Adobe Premier Pro
*Adobe Indesign (but only when type text)

Basically, the GPU seems to treat using these programs as though they were games. If i just run the mouse over an empty Revit file, the GPU clock shoots up to load levels and the usage spikes to 70-80%.
Strangest things is that in other just as 3D intense programs like 3DS Max or Sketchup, the GPU clock+usage behaves as it should, never leaving the base clock and only using about 10-15% tops.

I'm still running tests on different things to see where this problem is coming from - Nvidia drivers, Windows or BIOS are my lead suspects. I've rolled back drivers and the problems gone away (very telling), however it
reappeared out of nowhere after 2+ weeks of normal use on the most recent driver - HOWEVer, while it is certainly abnormal behaviour, the computer still runs great. GPU heat never gets out of control, game still run
fine and the affected programs mentioned above still work as expected.

The question is: is it okay to work with the machine while the GPU is bouncing up and down like that? The clock remains steady at load levels (like it would for games) while using these programs, but the usage is up and down like
a schizophrenic rollercoaster.
Exhibit A: View:


Nov 12, 2018
At idle speeds usage will show as a lot higher percentage.
70% of 550MHz is not high usage in any way at all. If it were 70% at 2000MHz then you have a software problem.
Nothing to worry about at all, it is normal.

You're refering to the GPU clock speed yeh? If so then yes, the GPU clock is up around the 2000MHz mark - 1924MHz to be exact.
This is what happens when i use one of my above mentioned work programs, the minute i do anything with them and the mouse at all, the GPU clock jumps up from base (1544MHz) up to load levels (1936MHz), and the usage dances up and down as shown above. If i minimise the program and do anything else - stream video etc. - then the clock comes back down and the usage comes back down to normal levels.

I've tried reinstalling these programs, doesnt change anything. The only thing that has worked so far is rolling back Nvidia drivers, but then as i said, i was using the most recent one (497.29) problem free with these programs when it started up again out of nowhere, no windows updates etc.
Exhibit B:

that screenshot there is just from switching from this browser window over to Revit for a few short seconds and zooming in and out on a project. Spikes in usage, BUS usage and Core Clock. Come back to the browser to write this, and everything has already corrected itself back to normal levels.
I tried booting with all startup services pertaining to Autodesk + Adobe products turned off, didnt help - and even then as i said, i can use other just as 3D intense programs like 3Ds Max (also an Autodesk product) and the GPU behaves as it should.

850W PSU
ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming Mobo