Will adding a 2nd optical drive reduce performance?


Feb 22, 2011
I originally installed Windows 7 on the hard from a CD/DVD reader. This install was stupid fast, maybe 5 minutes. I later added a BD-RW drive. Last week I installed Windows 7 on a SSD after disconnecting the HD and resetting the BIOS to optimized defaults (no OC). Again I put the Windows DVD in the CD/DVD reader. This install was slower than molasses (should be faster if anything on an SSD?). After ~45 minutes the install appeared frozen. I aborted the install, moved the Windows DVD to the BD-RW drive and started again. The install was again painfully slow, but eventually completed. Now everything seems ok and the SSD benchmarks look great. Since the SSD doesn't appear at fault the only other thing I can think of that has changed since my original install to the HD is the addition of the BD-RW drive. Would the presence of 2 optical drives result in slow software installation?