Will AMD be releasing a faster socketA processor?


Oct 29, 2002
technically i think its going to be the highest speed rated chip

but you can get athlonxp-mobiles and overclock them to 2.5ghz + . the 3200+ is 2.2ghz

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Don't expect another SocketA processor, at least one better than the 3200 XP. Some of the new Semprons are SocketA, but obvisuly aren't gonig to compete with the 3200+ XP. Then the higher up Semprons (which still don't really compete with the XP) are Socket754, so AMD has essentially moved away from SocketA.

I don't think any official word has come about this, but this would be my best guess.

Like mentioned below, many of the XP chips overclock very well, I run my 2800+ XP (2.08 ghz) at 2.6 ghz.

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Jun 26, 2002
AMD won't release a faster Socket A processor. Socket A is finished.

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R.I.P Socket A, 'tis been a good friend down the years *sobs*

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As everyone said, no more new socket A chips. But a Mobile XP chip can easily OC beyond 2.2GHz (XP3200+) speeds. So pick up one of those and create your own AXP. :wink: 3600+, 3800+, 4000+ ... go for it. To me, the Mobile chips are the true top of the line AXP's, and alot cheaper too.

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