Question Will an AT&T AirTies Wifi Extender work with a non-AT&T ISP ?

Feb 16, 2021
so I wondering if this, AirTies WiFi Extender, will work with a different ISP. The ISP that I have is spectrum internet. I have used it before with AT&T and had to give it back to them and was wondering if it would work with my current ISP. I read through the page, but I got some mixed reviews on if it will work or not with a different ISP


That looks like a standard wifi repeater. Nothing special about being an ATT version.

Depending on your house setup and situation, there are better options available that'll give better reliability and/or bandwidth.

In order of best to worst:
  1. Running new ethernet wire is the best option, but takes some skill and not doable in an apartment unless you have a really nice landlord.
  2. Many homes have cable tv outlets spread throughout the house as cable and satelite tv was very popular for the past 3 decades. MOCA is a newer technology that utilizes these coax cables, but in a higher frequency band, to run ethernet from on end of the cable to another. Takes alot less skill than running ethernet, and is plug and play. You have to make sure any cable splitters in your house are rated for 5-2000mhz. Many older splitters are only rated for 5-1000mhz, but it's super simple to replace.
  3. Powerline network wifi extenders tend to offer more reliability in most situations. However, doesn't work in every house on every outlet. They can off better bandwidth and reliability, but you want to buy these from Amazon in case they don't work out and you need to return them.
  4. Wifi extenders such as AirTies. They don't offer the best reliability and bandwidth is very limited in my experience.