Question Will an i5 6600k stock bottleneck an rx 5700 xt?


Jul 2, 2015
I am wondering will i be at any big disadvantage using an i5 skylake with this gpu. I also have 8gb x 2 3200mhz ddr4 ram if that makes a difference

I will game on 1440p (ultra) and 4k medium/high and try to get 50-60 fps in each game. The games i play range from anything from gta 5 to an fps shooter. I don't use my pc anymore for anything other than just gaming or coding so i won't be using it for video processing software etc.

Note: I am upgrading from an rx 480 4gb and am looking to upgrade to an rx 5700 xt with an aftermarket cooler


Short answer? Yes.

It lacks sufficient threaded capability having only four cores and being nearly five years old it's single core performance isn't particularly good at the stock configuration. At 4.5Ghz or higher, it might stand a chance, but it would still be a weak spot. Certainly it can work, but if you run into problems with frame rates that don't improve by lowering settings, then you'll know you have a lack of adequate CPU performance.

I'd try it first, because it might work well enough for you. Everybody wants or expects something different. Some care more about having great visual quality and as long as they can hit 60fps they are good with it. Others want 144fps and are fine with some reduction in settings. Only you will know if what it is giving you is enough or not. If it's not, well at least you won't be GPU limited anymore and can upgrade the CPU at some point.