Question Will an internal Nvidia GPU work with a Thunderbolt 4 connected external-enclosured AMD GPU as the discrete GPU ?


Apr 4, 2013
I have an Alienware laptop with a Nvidia RTX 3060 and it has a Thunderbolt 4 port, I was wanting to know if I could connect an external enclosure using thunderbolt 4 with an AMD RX 6950 XT GPU and run the AMD GPU as my primary discrete GPU using a Free Sync technology monitor instead of a Gsync monitor?
If so, will I have to download any drivers or software to run the external GPU and a free sync monitor?
Will my idea to be able to run Free Sync and get more out of a bigger GPU pushing more FPS and running games at higher settings using the external AMD GPU card as my independent discrete card work?
My point of this is to save a few hundred dollars on a free sync monitor instead of a gsync monitor, plus I'm waiting for the new Radeon 7000 series GPU to drop on the market to purchase...
I already have a specific free sync monitor in mind that I'm wanting to purchase if this setup will work...

Thanks to anyone that replies and lets me know if this will work.