Question Will bent power supply 24 pin connector pins damage anything?

Feb 28, 2019
Hi so a while ago i was testing my power supplys voltages with a multimeter and while putting in the paperclip, it stretched the metal that surrounds the pins, i'm wondering whether or not it will damage the power supply in any way, cause it to fail or anything bad?

I'm asking because i have a choice between a MSI B450 Gaming PRO Carbon AC or Seasonic 650W prime ultra gold, upgrade or reliability, i don't want this power supply failing or dying anytime soon, hence the decision.

PS : power supply is TX550M Gold, was bought 3-4 months ago, the connectors however is what is worrying me not the reliability of the psu.

PS 2.0: voltages of the psu are within 2-3% tolerance range so perfectly fine, i'm guessing if the metal surround the pins are bent too much then they wont connect to the 24 pin slot on the mobo, hence wont boot up or give power, however if you guys think it will damage anything or fail then i'd love to know, thanks.
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