Question Will buying a new router fix unstable connection with high traffic?


Feb 17, 2022
Recently I posted a thread about if I should buy a 1200 mbps wifi extender, because my WiFi sux, but many people suggested to just replace my router because its very bad. PS: I have a modem with built in router.
I had 2 problems:
My mbps is extremely low and with high traffic the connection becomes unstable. (Those are the main problems) A few days ago I figured out that my modem/router has 5ghz and it was on 2,4 frequency the whole time. So I switched it and my WiFi went from 70 mbps up close to 350 up close and from far away, 30 to 80. Thats really good and so I only have one main problem left and thats the unstable connection. So would it help if I buy a new 5ghz router and connect that to my modem?
If so, do you have a suggestion of a router I should buy? Im on a tight budget so a good budget router would be awesome. I dont live in the US so I dont have many (online) shops I can buy routers from. It would be great if I could buy a router from amazon.


I dont live in the US so I dont have many (online) shops I can buy routers from.
This is where you state where you're located + what sort of gear/brand you have access to. In fact you can parse links to shops that are in your region for us to see what you have access to.

m on a tight budget so a good budget router would be awesome.
What is your budget? Include your currency, since you're not located in U.S.A.

Mind sharing the info about your router/device that came from your ISP?
Those are the numbers you would expect from a 1200 device....unless you go wifi6e with all your equipment you will not get faster. Wifi6e is mostly faster because it can run on the 6ghz radio band and there are multiple 180mhz blocks for people to use. If you use regular wifi6 on 5g there is only 1 180mhz block and it pretty much guarantees anyone else using 5g interferes along with interference from weather radar. If you have money issues you can not even consider wifi6e

I assume your problem is now small packet loss and random ping latency ? What actual problem does this cause. Most times it is games that are affected and they use almost no bandwidth.

When you say unstable are you trying to run many devices at the same time or are you seeing this on a single device.

If your problem is you have too many different devices sharing the connection that is going to be hard to fix cheap. You could carefully allocate them to different radios putting some on 2.4 and some others on 5g. You could also buy a very inexpensive router and use it as a AP. You would then use a different radio channel on the 5g and allocate more devices to that. In effect what you have done is build a tri-band router yourself.

The real solution would be to upgrade every end device to wifi6 or better wifi6e. Wifi6 has a different mode it can run in that helps with the sharing of bandwidth. Not sure how well it works because wifi6 has all kinds of issues related to overcrowding on 5g and wifi6e has not been around long enough for a lot of real end users to have tried it. Of course it is going to be expensive to upgrade and router and every device many which still do not offer models so I suspect it will a couple years before we know how well wifi6e works.

Now if your problem is some game or some issue with just a single device then it is likely you are using the same radio channels as one or more of your neighbors. All you can do is try to change the radio channels. Problem is if you have a neighbor using my first recommendation and has a second router running that person likely has used every channel available on the 5g band and will interfere with you no matter what you choose.

This is a try changing them and see if you get lucky. You likely will have to do this multiple times until you figure out when your neighbors are actually using their connections. Those wifi scanner app/programs can only see the routers they have no ability to tell you how much they are beign used. A single router that is very active is worse than 10 that are sitting idle.