Question Will changing the thermal pads and paste on a dead MSI RTX 2070 and ASUS 1660 Super bring it back to life?

Jan 29, 2023
Three years ago I bought an ibuypower rig from Amazon. It came with an RTX 2070 from MSI, although I don't know that exact model number. I was mining Ethereum on it with no problems. 6 months later I bought and installed an ASUS RTX 1660 SUPER and again no problems.

I left the machine on consistently for about two years. Earlier last year, I noticed my hashrate on my MSI card drop. I googled the problem and it was most likely that the thermal pads need to be changed. I have a medical condition causing fine motor impairment which is why I didn't change the thermal pads - I was too intimidated by such a prospect. A couple of months later, the MSI card died.

I plugged my TV into my ASUS card and the picture came back. I noticed my hashrate dropped again so I stopped mining on that computer altogether. Even still as I was using that computer for my day-to-day computing that card died too even though I stopped mining. Weirdly enough a week after turning that computer off the picture came back for a couple of days then again back to no signal on my TV.

Did I damage the cards because I failed to change the thermal pads or will changing the thermal pads bring them back to life? If not is there anything else I can do to them? Both cards are dead and I can't afford to buy a new one so I figure I lose nothing trying to fix the cards myself.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.
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