Question Will core i3 8th gen processor support a 2666 Mhz ram without XMP or will it downclocked to 2400 Mhz

Jan 6, 2020
I have core i3 8th gen processor. I want to upgrade my ram. Should I buy a 2666 Mhz ram? Will the i3 8th gen support that?(In intel website it is mentioned that i3 8th gen supports DDR4-2400 Memory)

Or will the 2666 Mhz ram downclock to 2400 Mhz(incase of XMP is not enabled in bios)?

I could buy the 2400 Mhz ram. But if I update my processor to core i7 in future, a 2666 Mhz ram will be better than a 2400 Mhz ram as i7 8th gen supports 2666 Mhz ram as mentioned in the intel website.

My motherboard supports 2666Mhz ram. Please reply me anyone if the i3 8th gen will support the 2666 Mhz ram without XMP and will it work and visible to system or not. If it is visible to system with i3 8th gen, then will it downclock to 2400 Mhz.

Consider my English. Thanks in Advance.