Question Will Corsair H100 (original) work with LGA1200?


Dec 31, 2010
I have a Corsair H100 from 2012 (here is the link to it It is not the "H100i" (intelligent) newer model. They do not list LGA 1200 compatibility, but I am thinking it should work fine since it has the LGA115x listed (Intel LGA 775 / 1155 / 1156 / 1366 / 2011 ). Can someone confirm?

I used this with my i7-950 and my current i7-4790k flawlessly in my Antec 1200 case. I am upgrading to a Z590 board with i7-10700k CPU. I am trying to think of a good reason why I should replace this CPU cooler if it works. The old "if it ain't broke" mentality. I did OC the 4790k a little, but nothing extreme. I don't even plan to OC the 10700k initially because I don't believe I need the extra performance YET for what I do.

Also, thinking I'll re-use my circa 2010 Antec 1200 since I swapped all the fans out 3 years ago and they work great. I am on my third PSU too, but it is great.

Any thoughts? Thank you!

:edit: meant to say z590 not z570
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Dec 31, 2010
LGA 115x = LGA 1200.
Mounting dimensions are the same.
Thanks. I had the same thought.

BYou seem to post a zillion times on here, so in all your searching/reading/posting have you seen there be a failure rate of the pumps? 9 years old and it's going strong, it'd be real easy to simply remove the board/cpu and re-install teh cooler with the radiator still attached, piece of pie... but if I am on borrowed time with this thing, then I guess good time to replace. I just dont want to replace to say "the new ones have RGB" or some crap I dont care about. Thanks!


I haven't personally seen pump failure - the 2 I do have, I haven't had 'em that long; the oldest is like, 9 months old.
I only have product reviews and word of mouth to go on.
9 years is impressive and not a common run with these units. (y)
I won't say it's not impossible to get that far with one; depends on how much use and abuse they get.

if I am on borrowed time with this thing, then I guess good time to replace.
As long as you have a backup cooler on hand, I'd say you'd be fine until it gives up the ghost.
To me, this is one of the biggest downsides with hybrid coolers. Users need a backup on hand or face an indefinite amount of downtime; no one should really continue to use their PCs when the pump has keeled over.
9 yrs WOW!!!! You Are Definitely Getting Your Money's Worth from that cooler.
Thats gotta be a Record for a AIO.

I replaced my h110i because i wanted to upgrade it seeing it's about 4 months from it's warranty running out and replaced it with the h150i Elite Capellix.
I'm also not into rgb ( atleast I can turn off the rgb effects or set custom colors or temp colors ) but I trust Corsair Coolers, maybe they don't have the best of temp numbers but they are within reasonable limits to the other coolers on the market and their Customer Support makes up for any inadequacies in my opinion.

Earlier this yr I purchased a Arctic 34 duo for backup even though I still have the stock coolers for the 2600x, 3600 and a 3600x which is oc'd.
Last week my wife's h100iv2 (which has always been top mounted as exhaust) cooling a 2600x not Oc'd finally let me know it had enough After 4 yrs so I put on the Arctic.

I contacted Corsair and they said they would rma with a new h100i Rgb Pro XT as they don't do that v2 any more.
I even told them I have no idea where the 2 originally 120mm fans are for it as I put Noctua Ippc 3000 rpm fans on that cooler long ago.
They said they would still Rma.
I will say with customer support like that,
I will stay a Corsair loyalist.

As far as the H100iv2 I think it permiated
As it sounds like there is too much sloshing going on in the rad shaking it.
Pump speeds still ranged from 2970 - 3030 rpm but temps shot up to 85c within 1.5 mins on a aida64 fpu test.
With the Arctic 34 it topped out at 74c.

Have A Great Up Coming Weekend Guys.