Sep 7, 2020
I Added Corsair MP600 to my list...Im gonna be doing a lot of 3d rendering, Caching, Simulation onto this NVME...It's has a great Read and Write Speed.

My concerns are whether it'll fail or shut down Instantly when Im working...Cause Im gonna work like 6 - 7 Hours a day...(Sometimes less...Sometimes More..)
Sometimes I would even Run the Render the Whole Night for it to complete...
So Will Corsair MP600 be able to run nice and smooth ???

My Case will be well-Ventilated...
it's the Lian Li O11 Dynamic...3 Uni Sl120 fans at the side and the bottom for intake and Lian Li Galahad AIO at the top for Exhaust...

Here is my Whole Build : (Just in Case)

There's Gonna be 2 Corsair MP600.
It's gonna fun just fine.

gen 4 m.2 drives, especially the corsair one have big coolers on them (no thermal interface to anywhere aside from the controller though)

It won't heat up so high it dies or shut off or anything, but if it gets too toasty to your liking (which can, and will shorten it's life span to some degree) you can add some thermal paste, or thermal pads to the actual controller and nand, assisting heat transfer.