Question will either of the links below fit this card?


You can find compatibility details directly at Bkyski

Doesn't seem like they list it.

From a visual inspection, the ASUS isn't likely. The GPU on the ASUS is nearer the back end of the card. (Actually similar to the Nvidia card)

All the images I can find for the MSI Ventus 12G show the GPU nearly centered over the PCIe connector. So chances are high that it would hit the I/O or the back of the case if fit to an MSI card.
(Note, this does not match the 6GB Ventus at all, completely different arrangement)

Also no for the Galax cooler. That is a very custom PCB and while the GPU is more similarly placed I don't think the rest of the card would fit well under the cutouts for various PCB structures.

Sadly the 12GB cards came out well after the other 20 series cards. I just don't think there was much motivation for the various waterblock makers to bother.

If you can confirm the PCB is similar to another card from MSI's lineup, that would be the water block to look for. Highly possible, the 2029 and 2021 versions of the 2060 use the same silicon die size and memory layout (though that is up to the PCB to really define) My quick checks don't reveal much, the RTX 2060/1660/1660Ti PCBs have a very different layout to the 12GB one, VRMs on opposite side, different memory layout.

Now a thought occurs to me. You might look for RTX 3060 waterblocks. I've looked at a few MSI cards and on the 30 series they seem to follow the VRM on the left pattern that appears to match the 2060 12GB. They would have been designed around the same time. I don't think the Bykski blocks are likely to work.

Check out Alphacool, EK, etc. Mid-range cards don't get as much attention as flagship, so you might be out of luck. You could always track down a 3060 with a compatible waterblock, that might be easier.
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