Oct 16, 2009
Lots of AMD users are excited about the new Thuban processor coming in may, Its a Hex-core (six core) processor. But I dont understand because it seems like games just recently began utilizing quad cores, Will using Six cores give better performance in gaming then 4 cores ? Enlighten me im a dumb noob.
Most likely not. Depending on the game, even newer ones, chances are that it will only be able to utilize 2 cores. There aren't too many games or applications for that matter out there that use 3 or 4 cores. Sure, it will help to a degree by maybe taking on a few of the background operations, i.e. Windows related matters, but as far as performance gains, it likely that you won't see much. When it comes to games and FPS, higher frequencies (i.e. speed) tend to help.
Most games using more than 1 core use 3 cores, as thats what consoles use for the most part, and most games are console ports, so 3 cores max, only a few use more, tho this will change, but slowly, as the new consoles wont be out for awhile, and game devs/houses wont spend money they dont need to


Aug 17, 2006
Well, they might some time in the future. But even for now having a six core CPU will help your computer run more smoothly if other stuff is running in the background. It could even help a game that stutters because something is running in the background (usually without the users knowledge). But don't expect miracles.