Will gtx 660,gtx 560,HD 6950 or HD 7950 bottleneck on AMD FX-4100


Jul 30, 2012
hey guys will gtx 660,gtx 560,HD 6950 or HD 7950 bottleneck on AMD FX-4100?pls help i am not getting proper and correct answer and will i be able to play any game for 3 more years to 2015 on max settings
well the more you spend on your gpu purchase the longer it will keep up with games...i would go for 7950..it will last you for 3 years but you wont be able to max out every game as every year they come out with more graphically intense games
Max settings depend both on the cpu and the graphics card.

On a FX-4100 you will be limited on the cpu side.

On the graphics side, buy the strongest graphics card that you feel comfortable paying for.

I would favor the newer 28nm based cards such as the GTX6xx and amd 7xxx series.

The stronger the card, the more eye candy you can use, and the better your minimum frame rates.
Yes, there will come a point where and even stronger card gets less and less benefit and will not be worth it.

Today, I suspect you could use a GTX660ti, or a 7950.
In 3 years, your cpu and graphics card will be obsolete.
u will be able to play games for 3 years on the best of those videocards but expect to turn down settings as games require more power,

also id go with a i3 dualcore if u can as theyre better in gaming, and not more expensive than an fx+board.

def the 7950 is the top choice here, and yes most graphic cards will be bottlenecked by that cpu,



Nov 12, 2010

You'll need a couple of these to have a reasonable assurance of maxing all games out for the next three years.

To give you some perspective, let me break things down a bit.

First, the FX-4100 is a really cheap processor. Shooters tend to be demanding of CPUs, so this is going to be a problem. You want a real quad core chip, not one of AMD's dual module chips they're trying to sell as quad core chips (they only perform like quad cores with purely integer workloads, which don't exist in games).

More importantly, you're expecting mid range cards to max out all games for three years. They can barely max out all games today, and only if you're fine with framerate dips. For reference, I have a pair of overclocked 7970s, and they only manage a bit over 70 FPS on Far Cry 3 on max settings at 1080p. In three years, they'll probably be getting more like 30-40 FPS on the demanding games and your mid range cards will be totally unplayable on max.
yes well thats the case, like pc hardware makers want games to use more power, its always unfair, u buy a nice card than its obselete a year later, this is a consummers society sad but true.

u always need to pump more money out of ur pocket to stay top dog.

i wish they made better programming so games wouldnt require such juice and run on older hardware.


Game developers want the largest possible market for their games. They have no incentive to make games overly difficult to run on ordinary pc configurations. On the other hand, it takes talent. time, and money to program a game to run efficiently, or to use multiple cores.
im telling u pc hardware makers have secret deals with game producers to make them make the game require new hardware, ive always suspected this, they probably have agreements and undisclosed information about this.

or else people wouldnt upgrade and buy new faster products for gaming, if the games dint need new hardware or optimized for older ones.



Nov 19, 2012
I'm Quiet sure all of the cards u've listed above r gonna make u able to run a game on high settings for the comming 2-3 years but i think at the last year u'll get about 30 fpswhich will make u run the game fine but u'll not feel the smooth gameplay as for today's games .
about the cpu for now a 4 core cpu as the 4100 is a very good processor recommended for all games(by its publisher) and u must know that most of the games needs only 2 cores not even 4 but i don't know whats gonna happen in the future the new consoles r gonna be released aftr a year , new games engines r gonna be produced so maybe these engines use 2 cores maybe 4 maybe 6 nobody knows ! :) but i'd recommend going for an AMD six core processor or a strong quad as the ivy's i5 i think those 2 solutions r gonna make u run the games pretty good in the comng 3 years maybe the 4100 could give a good performance to but i don't really guarantee :)
the 4100 isnt faster than the i3 only highly overclock is it relavent here.

but than hed have to invest in a good cooler and add costs to his setup.

so yeah i3 dualcores are quite decent for gaming if he needs multitasking and use of multi-threaded apps than the amd would be better, but hes mostly asking for gaming performance.



Nov 19, 2012
yeah the i3 is a decent CPU for gaming but it's not so much faster than a 4100 anyways theses to cpus are very good for gaming right now but nobody knows how there gonna perform in the coming three years , yet i think amd processors are stil good procesors for gaming , the Intel processors (Sandy & IVY ) r stronger but i own a phenom ii x4 processor and it runs great alongside with my GTX 660 TI and i get very good Frames and this phenom ii is an old processor and it don't do any bottleneck for my pc so i think the newer processors won't do as well