Will HD 7750 work on my system?

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Jan 21, 2013
Was going to build my own PC but got a nice surprise for my birthday, my grandma went out and got me this computer


since I already had a few spare parts lying around i added 2 sticks of 2gb ddr3 ram so it has a total of 12 gb ram. What i want to ask is will this computer be able to handle the VisionTek 900503 Radeon HD7750 GDDR5 Video Card. here are a few links to it


http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2157530&sku=V261-7750 (this has more specs about it)

My computer is running windows 8, the monitor i am using is an acer 1920x1080 max resolution and the power supply i am using is

300W (+3.3V and +5v=130 max)

+3.3v 30.0A (org)

+5V 26.0A (red)

12v1 8.0A (yel)

12V2 14.0A (yel/black)

5Vsb 2.0A (purp)

12V 0.8A (blue)

my camera phone had crappy pics so i just posted the data on the power supply. I know the hd 7750's use a lot less power than 6000 series. I would buy a good power supply but my budget is 120 dollars :( I will be using my computer for mostly school work and medium gaming nothing to high spec maybe skyrim and prototype 2 and some older games that worked okay with intel integrated graphics. Also Last minute questions, If I can run it without it breaking or my system frying, do I uninstall my old integrated graphics? or do I just disable it in bios?
Not open for further replies.