Question Will I be able to enable XMP with my 10400F on a H410 motherboard?


Nov 21, 2014
So I'm thinking of upgrading my 3770 (non k) to an i5-10400F. However I need some help with which type of RAM to pair it with since I'm on a budget.

I'm in between getting either the Gigabyte H410M motherboard or the MSI H410M-A PRO. thinking of pairing it with either 2x G.Skill Aegis 8GB (16 cas latency) clocked at 3000mhz or 2x HyperX Fury 8GB (15 cas latency) clocked at 2400mhz. I haven't read much on H410 motherboards so let's say I get the G Skill ram would I be able to do an XMP overclock to 2666mhz because I think that's the highest the 10400F can go or will the H410 motherboard bottleneck me. plus does Cas latency matter much on Intel CPU's?

I know the 10400F is kind of a wasted potential with faster Ram's, I was eyeing the R5-3600 until here in Europe the prices skyrocketed and now it costs 190 euros, while the 10400F is at 130-140 euros for now. and I don't think I'll wait on Alder Lake and DDR5.

Also how long would a 6 core CPU last me, I remember building my PC in 2014 with the 3770 that was really long ago and while it's still good for now, I don't want to buy like 2 dimms of DDR3 ram just to extend it's life by a bit. Thought I would just upgrade all together

That's all, Thanks in advance!

My specs for now.
CPU: i7-3770 non k
GPU: GTX 1070
PSU:Corsair-VS550 (I'll replace this one later down the line)
Motherboard:ASUS P8H61-M LX3 PLUS R2.0
2x HDD's
2666mhz is the limit with 10400/F and H410.
I would suggest seeing what Rocket Lake has to offer.
They are launching March 15th, so its pretty close.
What do you use your pc for?
A 6 core 12 thread will last you long if the main thing you are doing is gaming.