Question will i be able to run android studio and unity on pentium e5800?

Mar 2, 2023
I have pentium e5800 and want to pair with gtx 980 ti and add a ssd, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB + i have 6gb of ram

And wonder if i can make 2d or 3d games on unity and android studio with this system configuration?

And also if i can play pubg, gta v like game on it?


You can make games, but it will be painfully slow because of the CPU and the amount of RAM is inadequate.

I highly doubt that playing games like Pubg or GTA V will be a pleasant experience. An ancient two-core/two-thread entry-level CPU is not going to result in a good gaming experience. And it's a complete waste of a 980 Ti; I doubt the CPU can take advantage of much past a 750 Ti.

This would be a very poorly balanced system. I'm almost afraid to ask what PSU you're using; you may be killing the 980 Ti.
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