Will i be able to run these games ??


May 21, 2012
Guys please advice games iam going to play are = BF3, COD black ops, Arma2 and 3 , mostly FPS games... !

I dont want ultra high resolution 1280 x 1024 is enough for me.. but

Question 1: Will i be able to play at ultra hight setting ??

Question 2 :As lower resolution are fine for me and iam on a tight budget should I buy Sapphire 6670 1GB DDR3 or HIS 6770 1GB DDR5 GPU

Question 3: Iam concerned about him CPU will it be handle these games...

My Specs are:

Machine = Dell Optiplex 745

CPU: Core 2 due : E6420 2.13 Ghz
RAM 6 GB = DDR2 Ram
PSU = cooler master 500W extreme.
2 x 500 GB hdd's

Kindly advice.. !
1: No
2: with a 6770 you should be able to play them on high, also note you may need a new PSU
3: It should be OK for single player but may struggle in Multiplayeer.


May 26, 2012
No, I guess you can play those games at low settings, and 1280*1024 is not a low resolution ;).....you better try to play them at 1280*720 or 1280*768. and lower your setting and resolution so that you can increase your gaming performance.

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