Question Will I still be able to access wifi in the old house ?


Jul 4, 2015
This may be a strange question, and I am pretty sure I know the answer, but for a bit of context my family is due to move into a new house either tomorrow or the day after. We do not need to move out of this house until the 15th April so I think I am going to stay in this house until this date, while my family moves into the new house meaning I will stay here alone for 2 weeks. The reason being that this house will still have a router and WiFi, which I need for my studies, whereas the new house is due to get fitted on Monday 6th April. This house is also a better location for my work as the new house is far away, another reason why I am staying here.

My question is if that new router gets fitted in the new house, while the other router is still operational in the old house will I still be able to access WifI or will the old router not work when the new router is installed ? Thanks.


You will probably be okay at the old house/

Who is your ISP? Will the new house have the same ISP or a different ISP? If different then there should be no problems beyond you just having to pay two ISP's for services.


Same ISP.

Are you transferring your account to the new house or are you getting a second account for the new house?

If you transfer the account from the old house to the new house then the old house will lose internet access.

If you stay in the old house keeping the current account then all should be well.

But do work with your ISP to ensure that they understand that you want (for the time being) two accounts.

One account at the old house and a new (second) account at the new house.

Otherwise the bureaucratic wheels may just assume a transfer.