Will I void the 3-year warranty if I upgrade my HP desktop?


Jun 29, 2008
I bought a HP desktop computer recently. When I tried to open the case, I noticed that there is a seal at the bottom of the case. It states that opening it will void the warranty. What is that all about? I have bought many computers over 20 years but this is the first time I see this kind of seal on a desktop system. I certainly want to upgrade the computer myself. I tried to add 2GB more RAM to my system but the sales told me that HP does not sell it, I had to look for 3rd party. As I have experience in building several PCs, I don't want to bring my computer to the dealer and pay them to do the job.


Jul 16, 2008
Since we're so lucky as to have standards in place; you should be able to use any ram that fits the speed / capacity specs of the motherboard...

The only place i've seen "proprietary" HP stuff is when i was shopping around for scsi hard drives... HP sells some for twice the price of others because they offer warranty on them i guess.

Is there any way to gently remove the warranty sticker? cost to buy special "hp certified" ram and have an hp certified tech install it is going to make voiding the warranty a no brainer


Aug 10, 2008
Take this for what it's worth.

If you, (in the manufactures/reseller eyes) the non-certified tech, install something in the computer during whatever warranty period you have, and whatever you install goes bad or causes something to go bad as a result of your install, yes, your warranty in voided. If they (geek squad/firedog, "hp certified", etc...) install something in your computer (and you paid them to do it) and it or as a result of the install goes bad, there is a paper/money trail back to who ever installed it and they will make it right (we hope). So ask questions, check the fine print if you are going to have someone do the work or do the work yourself and roll the dice.
i worked for HP tech support years ago and then when there is any hardware or software installed that did not originally come with the computer would have to be removed for the to start troubleshooting if you have to call HP for warranty work. you would also run the risk of losing any new hardware if you send it away for warranty or they might send it back because it is not the same configuration of original PC