[SOLVED] Will i3-7350k bottleneck gtx 1070ti ?


Apr 18, 2017
Hi! I am about to upgrade my Pentium g4400 and. Gtx 1050 2gb min zotac to i3-7350k and gtx 1070ti due to limited budget! So will it bottleneck at high or ultra settings?
I think investing in anything less than 4 cores for gaming right now is a short term gain that you will quickly regret.
Dual core gaming has pretty much reached the end of it's life right about now IMHO. With all these 4, 6, and 8 core CPUs becoming common developers can rely on most gamers having more than a dual core in future. There are already plenty of games that struggle on older i3's like the one you suggested.

Unfortunately the cheaper i5 6xxx & 7xxx series have fairly weak clock speeds, but they are still a better option.
If you could get a good deal on a 6600k or 7600k that would be Ideal. My i5 7400 games fairly well but I only play older games on it.
Nice spreadsheet BTW Hellfire13, very useful.

Another option is to consider a new motherboard because for example an i3 8100 will outperform an i5 7400 and is enough cheaper to get the CPU and a motherboard for the price of just the older CPU and you could re use your old RAM and sell the old MB/CPU as a combo deal.