Question will i5 4570 and RX 580 bottleneck??

Apr 11, 2020
I'm gonna be buying a pc for fortnite and warzone and apex. I wanna run low or medium settings but i wanna have smooth fps. will the i5 4570 and RX 580 bottleneck?


RX580 will allow you to run medium/high. You're going to have more of a "bottleneck" from your i5-4570.

An easy oversimplification:
  • CPU determines maximum frame rate - Achieved at lowest possible game quality settings.
  • GPU determines maximum visual quality - higher in-game quality settings at playable FPS.
The CPU processes the game world and tells the GPU what to draw in a single frame. Then the GPU renders the frame as you see it. If quality settings are comparatively low, it's easier for the GPU to render each frame and the GPU completes each frame faster (and vice versa for higher quality settings). At some point, the GPU can render each frame before the CPU tells it what to draw next. The opposite is also true, as the tracking(?) of a scene becomes more complex, it gets more difficult for a CPU to place everything on scene and it takes more time for the CPU to place all the objects in a scene for the GPU to render. This is known as a CPU limitation. You see this a lot in online games and games that are drawing a lot of people/players on-screen at a time because the CPU has to keep track of where all these "independently moving" items are in each scene.

A game/scene becomes GPU-limited when you're asking the GPU to render lots of pixels and effects for each scene. Raising in-game quality settings and/or resolution will produce a GPU-limited scenario.

As I alluded to, each game (and game engine) is different on which component it stresses the hardest. Oftentimes, you can observe whether your CPU or GPU limited by having open an on-screen tool (if you go with the RX580, just hit Ctrl+Shift+O (the letter)) that displays CPU and GPU utilization (often as a %). As you adjust game quality settings up/down, you'll see the CPU and GPU utilization percentages change. The idea is to hit some "ideal" setting where both your CPU and GPU are at similar % utilization.