Question Will i7 5820k bottleneck future gpus at 4k?


Jun 2, 2014
Hello my friends. I'm currently using i7 5820k, Asus X99 Deluxe, 16 GB DDR4 Vengeance ram along with GTX 980ti. I'm planning to swap my 980ti with Nvidia's next ampere flagship ti or it's equivalent. My system is 5 years old and I'm planning to keep it for another 4 years until I finish college. I just wanna confirm will it be good for mostly gaming at 1440 ultrawide and 4k? I will be using my PC mainly for Games, Kodi, internet browsing, and Finally for Microsoft office for my studies. I plan to upgrade my old evo sata ssd to m2 970 pro Samsung ssd. As well to getting a AIO liquid cooler for my cpu and OC's it to 4.4-4.6 ghz. Is it a good idea or I will be better of with a new pc?

Math Geek

no one can know how new hardware will perform until it can be tested. so any answer is simply guessing which is kind of useless.

the only thing i can say is that 4k is mostly gpu dependent and not cpu. so the older cpu may still be useful for the near future. this is just a generalization of course but it's really the best i can offer until we see the new hardware. but you are 5 generations old now and it will start to show its age overall. at least if was a good cpu when it was released and can hold up longer than a budget option of the same age.

you'll have to wait until the new cards are out ad tested to know for sure what you'll get out of that system.


Jan 17, 2011
The answer you are looking for is quite complicated but let me narrow it down for you.

It's not simply the CPU that will in fact bottleneck your new future 4K card but also the feature set you are locked into on the motherboard for that CPU. The memory speed, the number of PCI-e lanes, the PCI-e generation, the storage speed will all have an impact of how close to 100% your card can run in a meaningful way. You way not see it until truly demanding game titles come out and start to stress the Video card (Perhaps Cyberpunk) but the Video card will be hamstrung to a degree in that old of a system