Question Will install a computer on a yoga mat reduce its vibrations’ noises?


Dec 17, 2014
Hi everyone,

I’m trying to reduce as much as possible the noise level of my computer. I already changed lots of things in it:

- I already changed all the fans for Noctua fans: now my case is cooled by one NF-A14 PWM, one NF-S12A PWM and one NF-A8 PWM.

- I already changed the CPU heatsink for a Noctua heatsink: now my CPU is cooled by a NH-D15S.

- My videocard is an EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti FTW (02G-P4-3757-KR), it has two 192 mm fans.

- I even wrote a Linux software that reads my CPU, motherboard, videocard and hard drives’ temperature each 5 seconds and then adjusts each fan’s speed (using PWM) to minimize fans noises and airflow noises.

My problem is that, now, the main noise’s source in that computer are my four 7200 RPMs hard drives... I know that if I change them for SSDs, my computer will be quite silent, but I’m not yet ready to buy 8 TB of SSD storage...

So I wonder if buying a yoga mat, cutting it and putting two or three layer of yoga mat on my desk under my computer would help reduce the propagation of my hard drives’ vibrations through my desk, my floor and my walls.

Did someone already tried that? Did it worked? Can it be harmful for my hard drives?

Let’s talk about all that...
Your drives are not rotating that strongly that they are rattling your whole case around so no a mat will not help.
What you need is called Hard Drive Vibration Absorber/dampener and cushions the drive itself to absorb the vibrations.