Question Will Internal turned External HDD work w/o reformat to use with tablet?


Aug 15, 2017
Ok so my very old laptop has some issue and won't open (it opens, shuts down, reopens, shuts down again in repeat after the windows logo) and it's not worth going to get it fixed. It's a 2008 machine.

The HDD is relatively new though (I installed it in 2017-2018) and I want to turn it into an external drive.

My question/issue is this: I don't have another computer, so when I turn the drive to external I won't be able to clone then wipe/reformat it. Will it work without the wipe/reformat if I try to plug it into a tablet?

The one other drive I turned into an external, I did the above (clone, wipe/reformat) and used as plug&play simple storage. This one still has Windows since it worked in a laptop until 5mins ago which is why I'm asking if it will work as is.

Not sure if it helps but tablet is Samsung S6 Lite and HDD is a 1TB WD Blue.

Sorry if the question is kind of idiotic 😅
Thanks in advance!
Some external enclosures are configured with a 4KB sector size. Internal drives are overwhelmingly 512e devices. In such cases the drive will need to be repartitioned and reformatted inside the enclosure, so backup your data before doing so.