Question Will it be useful to enable Radeon Anti-Lag on my HP Omen that has Nvidia GPU?


Sep 20, 2009
My HP Omen 15 has AMD Radeon 5800H CPU and Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics card.
In the AMD Software panel, there is an option to turn on Radeon Anti Lag technology. However, my laptop's dedicated GPU is an Nvidia RTX card. The Radeon graphics card is built into the AMD CPU.
So since I have an Nvidia card as the dedicated graphics card for gaming, will it be useful to turn on Radeon Anti Lag from the Radeon Software control panel? Will turning on Radeon Anti Lag still be able to improve performance by decreasing lag in games, despite an Nvidia card being the primary GPU?
Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


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I doubt it has any effect in gaming, it would only be used if CPU is used for running desktop at any stage. It doesn't work with Nvidia.

Radeon Anti-Lag is supported by AMD GPU Architectures, Graphics Core Next (GCN) and later on titles using DirectX® 11 in Windows® 7 and Windows® 10 64-bit. DirectX® 9 titles are supported by Radeon™ RX 5700 Series graphics only.
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