Will it fit? - Silverstone FT02B edition


Dec 20, 2009
I'm currently fine-tuning my next major upgrade, and buying a new case along with everything (getting out of my beat up dust trap ~2009 antec 900). Most of these parts im sure will fit and work just well in it, all except for the [strike]ricer[/strike] closed circuit water cooler i chose, the Corsair H80i. I've noticed that the top exhaust port of the case is cramped between the PSU port and the accessory ports, and i'm concerned it wont fit well. Before anyone asks why im going with the liquid cooler, its mostly because of how much i detest cleaning CPU fan blocks.
In short, my question is, will a Corsair H80i fit in a Silverstone FT02B case with some effort or not at all?
Link to the case: Here
Link to the cooler: Here
Link to an image of the rest of my build, open to any comments: Here