[SOLVED] Will it fit?

It's a bit difficult because the case you've listed doesn't have detailed dimensions apart from just the overall case dimension itself (from what I can see).

But what I can see, it is a Midi tower, so you're already limiting space.

Then with some basic calculations:

Case is about 375mm wide (I believe 410 is the height from what I'm seeing).
GPU is about 250mm wide
Which gives you 125mm HDD bay clearance.

But a standard 3.5 HDD is about 148mm wide so the bay will be close to this.
So if you assumed the HDD bay was about the same size at say, 145mm, you're still exceeding by 20mm.
So by that logic, it wouldn't fit. But that's hardly surprising if it's a Midi tower.

But also happy for someone to critique my thought process.
What is your current case?