Question Will my Assasin III fit in XPG Battle Cruiser case?

Jul 26, 2022
Hello everyone!

I've built my first PC recently, but there's one 'but' - my case is not closing due to the small Motherboard B550M-PLUS (WI-FI) and the fact that my RAM is a bit high (If I understood correctly), so one of the sides of Assassin III is right on one of the RAMs, and I can't close the case due to this. (It sticks out for around 1 centimeter.

So, I've decided to buy a new case - XPG Battle Cruiser case, it's 2 centimeters wider than the current case, and since currently it sticks out for 1 centimeter, it should be enough to close the case.

I have a few questions for professionals here:
Am I right? Will it close?

Thanks everyone in advance!

It's my first build, I messed up a bit, but we're just starting :)

That's how the case looks -
That's the RAM - (mine is white tho)

My current case if 205mm wide
The new I want - 225mm (+2 cm)


Instead of sinking 100 quid, or however much a new case would cost, couldn't you just change the fan positions?
[heatsink]fan | [heatsink]fan <-airflow direction

fan[heatsink] | fan[heatsink] <-airflow direction
Remove the rear chassis fan at that point, it'll just get in the way; too close.


There's a motherboard in the way???
Are you referring to the I/O shield?

I think I see what looks like the old Deepcool emblem in the bottom-right corner of the image. Is it this one?

Then move the Assassin III's front fan to top exhaust. That would be a viable, no cost alternative.
As for the thread title, those dimensions you're posting don't matter - they don't take into account available cable management space. What the manufacturer lists as cpu cooler height limit matters.
Matrexx 55 Mesh: 165mm max
XPG Battlecruiser: 175mm max

Crucial Ballistix DDR4 is 39mm tall. That's important to know, as some of the larger coolers don't fit over anything larger than low profile ram(~32mm). The front fan can be raised a little, but doing so increases total height.


I mean this thing on the motherboard
Ah, that's one of the VRM heatsinks. Nothing to be done about that one without physical modification of the motherboard.

Generally, at least how I thought. If currently it sticks out for 1cm, the case that is 1.5cm larger will do the work, I can be wrong tho
I provided 2 options - well, I meant to provide 2, but didn't directly say that in the last post.
1)No cost: Keep one fan in the center of the Assassin III. Install the other fan as a top exhaust.

2)Costs money: The specs I posted in my last post clear the Assassin III for installation in the new case.