Will my bfg 1000watt psu run this



Hi will my 1000watt bfg psu run this ok
amd 955 quad black edition
4 x1066 ddr2 ocz sli memory
2 x 1 tb hdd 7200rpm
1 x multi writer
2 x 9800gtx 512mb sli
6 x chassi fans

also i was thinking of even going to 3 x sli 9800gtx but unsure


If you want to objectively, accurately and scientifically determine what PSU power is required for your Vid card(s) and PC in both watts and 12v rail amps., the forum Utility link below will show you how easy it is to calculate this information and objectively determine which PSUs are quality built, reliable PSUs that can meet your needs. Be advised that the available 12v rail amps. is just as important as the total PSU wattage. You need both to be correct.

Is this the one ? http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story5&reid=151

Love this part ;

"and now we come to the scoring. Alas, even though the EX1000 did a pretty good job holding stable voltages, and the frequency conversion stuff kept it remarkably efficient at loads below 80 Plus' minimum test levels, and the overshoot transient suppression on the 12V rails was out of this world amazing; the grim specter of the ripple demon looms like Loomy Loomington looming over lunatics in a loony factory of lonely looms. Why yes, it did take me all day to come up with that." :lol:



There are many online calculators, some more accurate that others. I have found the one listed in the forum Utility to be excellent. Obviously you need to enter proper data to get a proper result. The calculator plus the additional info. I posted should be sufficient for anyone to find the proper power required and a quality PSU that will provide it.