Question Will my computer run this monitor

Feb 11, 2020
Hello, I know this is a silly question probably but I just had to be sure before I "jump the gun"

I have a late 2014 Mac mini (i5 4278u 2.6ghz model with 8gb of ddr3 1600 ram) and I currently use a 34" LG ultra wide.
I have the opportunity to purchase the Samsung 49" ultra wide (this one"&qid=1581409905&sr=8-3) for a really good deal due to my friend paying full price and not liking the size but being out of the return date.

My question is will my computer handle it? and if it will will it bog down performance on other task (I use this computer for daily web browsing and homework (Microsoft office light word and excel and power point docs) light python for school swell.)

Im in love with my current ultra wide the thought of having all the extra space would make my "work load" if you could call it that so much easier.
The reason for asking is that I was reading that this cpu has a max supported resolution of 3280x2000 and the monitor is 3840x1080 so Im really confused.

Thanks in advance and much love,
Alice <3


Jul 16, 2018
3840x1080 is the max res supported, it can be set lower. However, your GPU resolution is not one of the standards supported by it so you will possible need to drop it to 2560x1080. See p51 of the Owners manual (link below), in particular the note at the top that reads, "If a signal that belongs to the following standard signal modes is transmitted from your PC, the screen will automatically be adjusted. If the signal transmitted from the PC does not belong to the standard signal modes, the screen may be blank even though the power LED turns on. In such a case, change the settings according to the following table by referring to the graphics card user manual". 3280x2000 is not one of the listed standards.

Suggest you borrow the monitor long enough to test the res, and make sure it does what you want.