Will my Corsair TX850W power supply be enough?


Hi peeps,

I am an avid forum reader but never really posted before but need a little advice if possible.

I am currently using a Corsair TX850 PSU to power the following : (sry if not all info needed)

i7 930 @ 4ghz (Vcore 1.34v)
12 gb Corsair XMS3 @ 1600 (6 x 2gb)
Asus p6x58d-e motherboard
Asus 560 ti DirectCU TOP (pre overclocked)
vertex 2e 60gb
4 x samsung f4 2TB HD
HAF X case with 4 fans
H70 CPU cooler

My question is regarding the addition of a second gfx card (Gigabyte 260 SOC) in order to be able to use a third monitor. The third monitor is not for gaming use i must stress but to increase the screen estate i have available mainly for work projects (a little greedy but it does make things so much quicker), although the 260 may be used occasionally as a physx card.

Will this PSU be sufficient or am I really pushing it to the edge?

Please let me know if any further info / screenshots are required.

Many thanks

That PSU could easily power another GTX560ti and can certianly handle the addition of the 260. Why not use the 560ti for your other monitor?


Thanks for quick response. I am currently running 2 x 22" monitor and need a second gfx to run a third monitor. Still have my old 260 so thought that would be best option but ideally would like to add a second 560. So you cant see a power problem?