Will my Gaming PC Work / Need advice


Apr 23, 2009
Hy guys !

I need some advice please i want to build my first gaming rig and after some reaserch i got

some basic components (need only the box no pheripeals / no GPU / no Optic Drive ) :

- Asus - ATIradeon 4850HD - allready bought-

Stuff i think of buying:

Case: Antec Three Hundred

Mobo: Asus M3A78 PRO

PRoc: AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition 3.00 GHz skt AM2+

RAM: Corsair 4GB DDR2 1066MHz CL5 Dominator Dual Channel Kit

PowerSource: CoolMaster Real Power M620

Hdd: Western Digital 640GB SATA-II 7200 rpm 16MB Caviar SE16

Proc Cooler: Cool Master V8

Now some questions :
1. Will this rig work or are there some hardware incompatibilities ?

2. If it works do i need to update mobo bios so it works with the CPU ?

3. Is the power supply any good for this rig ? Can i use ( maybe in the future ) 2x ati4850HD in Crossfire ?

Any sugestions for some other power supplies that work with the antec case ?

4.Is the mobo any good ? Does it Choke the power out of the CPU ?

5 Do i need the CPU cooler or i can go with the box one ? Can you guys recomend a good cooler ( some mid range price not the

extreme ones ) ?

6. Do i need to tweek the ram so it works at 1066 ? i heard it works at 800 and you need to set the

voltage manualy to 2.1 to get them at 1066

7. Whats the deal with Raid HDD ? do ineed 2 identical Hdds to put them togheder ? Do you guys recomend that or is it

too unstable ( crashing and stuff )

Remeber - i allready bought the Gpu 2 months ago :)




Mar 10, 2006
1. parts look good to me for compatibility
2. check newegg.com posts to see if others had to flash first, also check manufacturers website.
3. coolermaster are ok but dont have a reputation like corsair, pc power&cooling
check the specs for dual gpu support for that one.
4. thats a pretty good mobo, agenearation or 2 of chipsets back but still good.
5. save money and stay with box cooler unless you are overclocking
6. maybe, afterbooting up, go in the bios and see what its running at and change to what you want, run memtest to make sure its good at those settings.
7. raid is a waste of time in a beginner build, modern hhd's are plenty fast without it. As for redundancy, just back up your data often.



Apr 23, 2009
Im back ! From Work :(

Thank you for the nice imput guys ... really appreciate it !

After carefull consideration i made some modifications to my initial build :

Case: Antec Three Hundred – Same as before , people seem to like it -

Mobo: -Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi

-Asus M3A79-T Deluxe

-Asus M4A79 Deluxe

Decided to invest more in a mobo but i found three allmost identical versions ( at least from what i can tell / the price is allmsot identical too :) – can anyone tell me whats the difference between those three ? Im set on ASUS mobo's but if you guys can recomend any other manufacturer ... please do :).

HDD: -Seagate 640GB SATA-II 7200RPM 32MB Barracuda 7200.11

-Samsung 750 GB SATA-II 7200RPM 32MB SpinPoint F Series

Due to popular demand , upgraded hdd to 32MB buffer – but i found two HDD's that have identical price tag ... any sugestions on witch one to get ?

Ram: Corsair 4GB DDR2 1066MHz CL5 Dominator Dual Channel Kit
– same , i like it ! -

Corsair 4GB DDR2 1066 MHz CL5 Dominator DHX Dual Channel Kit
– ok it seems that i found a more expensive ram kit – what does the DHX tag mean / what does it do ? Is it worth 20% more then the non DHX version ?

Also – since i upgraded the mobo in my build – can anyone tell me if TWO 4gb Dual Channel Kit's are worth the hussle! ?

Power Supply : Antec EarthWatts 650W – changed my powersupply to an antec one , does anyone know is it any good ?

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition 3.00 GHz skt AM2+ – same :) -

Decided i dont need AfterMarket Cpu cooler ... at least for now ... until i set up my other components.

Hey hope to hear from you guys soon ... cheers and thx for the help!


Jan 7, 2009
Heres some suggestions for you.

If your not sure what motherboard to pick from, always check the CPU for Combo deals on Newegg.

UD4H 790gx + x4 940

HDD, Seagate should be fine but, if you would like your HDD to run a little bit faster

WD Black 640gb HDD or just get a WD Black 1tb.

for 1066 ram the AMD motherboards will read all 1066 unlike Intel:



Little bit bigger case is the Coolermaster RC-690