Question Will my HP Compaq 500b mt suport the new HardWare.

May 8, 2019
Hello guys,
so i have an old office pc laying around my garage, and i wondered if i cand uograde it to run csgo 60 fps or youtube 1080p, for in garage listing to music or plying some games with friends.

I have an HP Compaq 500b mt But with some mods listed below.

So my pc has:
  1. Intel Celeron e3300 clocked at 2.5Ghz(original part)
  2. 4gb ram ddr3(aftermarket, it comed with 2gb)
  3. 300w psu(original part)
  4. Intel g41 expres chipset as integrated video card(original part) i think its intel gma 4500 or smth
  5. motherboard foxxcon 28ach or smth like that(original part)
  6. 500gb sata 3gb/s drive 7200rpm(aftermarket, was a 250gb or smth.)
  7. and a cd drive (original part) i can remove it if it is taking power.
My Power suply is:
  • ATX Power Supply - Passive PFC/non-PFC with a 115 V / 230 V line switch
  • Passive Power Factor Correction (PFC) - with line switch set to 230 V - No PFC in 115 V line switch position
  • 90 to 140 V ac, or 180 to 264 V ac operating voltage range
  • 100 to 127 V ac, or 200 to 240 V ac rated voltage range
  • 50-60 Hz rated line frequency
  • 47-63 Hz operating line frequency range
  • 300 W maximum rated power
  • 80 mm power supply fan - variable speed for optimum acoustics
I was wondering if i can upgrade with some parts the pc, id psu will let me. and if you can suggest me beter video cards that will suport i'll apreciate it
So the parts are:
  1. Intel Xeon e5450 3.0 Ghz its a 771 to 775 mod, i was wondering is my psu will run it, i dont want oc or anything only it to run.
  2. I have a Nvidia 8500 gt laying around the garage to, i was wondering if it will work with the xeon e5450(if the psu will hod)
i also have a nvidia gt 520 at my friend(please tell me if this card will run wint xeon e5450.
and for a question what will be the best card to upgrade pe pc with xeon e5450 instaled and this psu, i would like a gtx 750 ti or smth but i dont know

Its the original pc Hp Compaq 500b mt but with some parts upgraded like ram and hdd, they were mentioned.
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