Will my i5-3470 bottleneck a GTX 1060 6GB?


You are quite safe with that CPU, it is still a very strong gaming CPU. It won't bottleneck the 1060 in any game you throw at it - however, what might bottleneck it is BF1 multiplayer, and it has nothing to do with your CPU - the game is simply poorly optimized for CPUs, and sometimes brings even i7s to their knees. You are good to go, sir.


Jan 4, 2013
Hey Erik.
Your CPU is definitely getting older and it will bottleneck the 1060 in newer games, ones that are more demanding. Games like Cities: Skylines we know destroy CPUs. If you plan on playing many open world games with plenty of "world" to render, far view distances, etc. expect a bottleneck. This bottleneck can't always be relieved, however. Using Cities: Skylines as example again, even with a high end i7 6700k there are plenty of benchmarks where high end GPUs don't get to max out because the CPU gets there first.

Having said all that, I would pair your CPU with a 1060 with confidence. The i5s have been crowned gaming CPUs for a reason; they have strong single core performance, equal to i7 and come loaded with 4 cores. For comparison's sake, I had an FX 8320 @4.6Ghz. I upgraded this week to a i5 6400 @4.5Ghz. I'm enjoying the ~30fps increase I noticed in WoW. Your 3470 is much better than my 8320 was, even overclocked. Yours is ~30% better single core performance than my 8320. Because Skylake is wonderful and I can overclock my 6400 from 2.7Ghz to 4.5Ghz, so I'm happy.

Enjoy your build!