Will my intel core 2 duo e4500 bottleneck my ASUS hd5770?


May 31, 2010
I've recently bought a new graphics card and I read reviews of it and stuff and they said it could run most games easily.
It can max out cod 4 (even though I have cod6 the 'direct X encounted an unrecoverable error' which i cant get rid of) and i find it can run cod 4 smoothly but sometimes it lags for like a second or two then continues to run smoothly.. help?
Yes i would say there will be a restriction but i would be amazed if it was causing a lagging issue like that.
Do you have V-sync enabled ? If not then try it on and see what happens. If you didn't know this will basically lock your FPS to the refresh rate of the monitor.
If your set up cant reach this comfortably then you will get integers of the refresh rate, so for 06Hz you could end up with jumps between multiples of 60. So 60-45-55 etc.
You can download "Fraps" which is a free download to check your FPS. (sorry don't have a link handy.
While maxing out games is good for the ego it isn't needed half the time. I find that there is little difference most of the time between 75%-80% maxed out, (details wise) and every thing on high.
As jyjjy said OC'ing the chip should be pretty straight forward as long as you have the option and would certainly be the first thing to try. Failing that try the sugestions above an dlet us know how you get on.