Question will my Intel i7 7700 proccesor bottleneck rtx 2060

Jan 20, 2021
i was planning on upgrading a few parts in my computer i have an intel i7 7700 and i plan to get an rtx 2060 but im worried it will bottleneck i plan to play games on 1080p on high settings. its my first time upgrading my computer so i dont know that much if someone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated
It will be a good pairing. Any bottleneck will depend on the game, something that is gpu light (cs go) will be cpu limited before the gpu. All systems can bottleneck in certain circumstances.

What psu do you have? Do you have 2x8gb RAM or similar?
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Due to a major shortage, it's not exactly a good time to be buying a graphics card.

The RTX 2060 should be a $300-$350 card, and being two years old, a faster replacement for it was due for arrival soon. The 3060 Ti launched a little over a month ago at a $400 MSRP and was slightly faster than a 2080 SUPER, or more than 50% faster than a 2060. But due to the shortage, it's extremely difficult to find these cards for anything remotely close to their suggested prices, at least in the US. Unless you can manage to find a card relatively close to what it should be priced, it might be worth waiting a number of months until pricing and availability improves.