Will my laptop run metro 2033


Dec 25, 2012
i am new to pc gaming and i would like some advice, i have a toshiba i3 4gb ram 500gb memory and intel 3000 hd graphics, and i was wondering if this laptop has the capability to run metro 2033?



Mar 11, 2011
might wanna check the specs on each game first, there's a few more modern ones in there like assasins creed that probably wouldn't run, but most the games on there should be fine :)
You can play the Mass Effect trilogy. Good story driven RPGs and the decisions you make can have consequences later on in the game and in the sequels. The combat system in ME 1 is a bit standard and limited compared to more recent games, but it was released back in 2008 I think. The combat system in ME 2 was better and in ME 3 it gets better as well. ME 3 was designed so that you don't need to play the other two games, but ME 2 is the best in the trilogy.

Though my laptop has a nVidia GT 550m I decided to play one game on Insanity (hardest level) with only the Intel HD 3000. Graphics did not look as nice and performance was not as high as with the GT 550m, but I managed to complete the game without much difficulty.

Fallout 3 is playable, but you need to download DLL file that tricks the game into thinking out have a dedicated graphics card because unmodified, Bethesda games do not recognize Intel graphics at all. Google for "oldblivion", the DLL file was originally created for Oblivion so you should be able to play that game as well. I was able to play with a mix of low and medium settings. You should be able to play Fallout: New Vegas as well with that DLL file originally designed for Oblivion.

Forgot to mention, but the ME Trilogy uses the Unreal Engine 3, so any game using that same game engine should be okay.

Crysis 2 is not playable with the Intel HD 3000 so stay away from it. Sorry, I can't really recommend any recent games because I don't really play games anymore. Mass Effect 3 and a city management game called Cities XL 2012 (also playable with the Intel HD 3000) are the last games I've played.