[SOLVED] Will my motherboard fit this case?


Jun 15, 2018
Hello! I'm trying to build a new PC and I don't know if this case would fit it or not.
The motherboard that I'm trying to get is MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS and the case is Fractal Design Define R5.
Now I know that this case supports ATX Form Factor motherboard (which my motherboard is) but what confused me is the width of the motherboard (9.6 inch /243mm) is wider than the case's (9.094 inch / 232 mm). Does it not matter or does it matter?
Thanks in advance!
The motherboard's width is not the same as the cases width. The motherboard will mount vertically in the case where it's 'width' will become one with the cases 'depth'

in short, it will fit.