Question Will my motherbord or cpu blow up?

Feb 22, 2020
I am currently on a lenovo ver 4.2 IH61M motherbord with a cooler master 460w psu and 8 gigs ram 500gb hdd gtx 750 ti and a inter i3 2100 (3.10)ghz
I decided to get an i5 3570 coz the motherbord supports i did my resarch.... but the shop keeper told me that it dose support and will work but in 3 to 4 months my pc cpu or motherbord will blow up
So then i decided to go dow for a 2gen do h think an i5 2500 and a gtx 960 wont do fine on my motherbord????


I think the worry was more aimed towards your PSU. Your GPU currently just barely has the minimum requirement for power, and going to a 960 is about the same. However if you have a poorly built PSU then you would be not drawing enough stable power to support those components, especially with a CPU upgrade. Especially since the 3570 pulls more wattage in its TDP.

It's advisable you get a better motherboard and PSU if you plan to upgrade both CPU and GPU. At least a 500W name brand PSU and any motherboards on this list will work much better with no worries.
Did a bit of research and the ThinkCentre Edge 72 uses the IH61M motherboard.

From their support page it seems that the i5-3570 is compatible:
Thinkcentre Edge 72 CPU Support

You should have no problems with the compatibility with a GTX 960, but that CM 460W PSU seems really sketchy(they usually do produce low quality units).

Can you provide the exact model of your PSU atleast?
Feb 22, 2020
Where are you finding that the motherboard supports the newer processor? Can you provide a link?

-Wolf sends
I dint use any link or website i called the lenovo companey and asked them to give me a list of cpu compitable with my bord (additionalinfo) they said its an lga 1155 chipset or socket somtin like that and intel only cpu support


Just because it's the same socket doesn't mean it's compatible.
Just because the chip set supports the processor doesn't mean your motherboard does.

If you specifically asked Lenovo what processors are supported by motherboard IH61M and they specifically told you that the Intel Core I5-3570 was supported by motherboard IH61M, then that is about as certain as you can expect.

Anything less definite than that and I'd call back to confirm.

But assuming that the Intel Core I5-3570 is supported by the motherboard, then it won't cause your system to "blow up". It could be that the shop owner has an over abundance of second gen Intel Core I series processors and just wanted to off-load one.

-Wolf sends
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Find a new shop keeper.
He is trying to scare you or he is incompetent.
There is no reason that a cpu that works initially is going to "blow up" anything.
Sometimes a motherboard will need a bios update to switch from a 2nd gen i3-21-- to a 3rd gen i5-3570.
If that is the case, update the bios BEFORE you swap processors.
No harm will come if you forget, the new processor will simply not work until the bios gets updated.
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