Will my new (possibly) broken motherboard short out my new PSU?

Oct 16, 2018
OK everyone, please be gentle.
I recently purchased a brand new MSI X470 Gaming Plus motherboard and a new AMD Ryzen 2700X CPU. I took my old motherboard out and installed the new one in my case. However, I was stupid in that I plugged the 6+2 VGA cable from my PSU into the 8 pin CPU power slot on my new motherboard. Upon turning it on, there were some high-pitched beeps, then an electrical flash. After that I tried turning it on again, and nothing. I reinstalled the old motherboard, and still nothing.

I came to the conclusion that I had fried my PSU (EVGA 750 B) when I used the EVGA PSU tester that comes with the unit, and nothing turned on. I ordered a new PSU and installed it with my old motherboard.

My question is this: If I installed the new PSU (EVGA 750 PQ) with the new (possibly broken) motherboard, and installed every wire correctly, is there still a chance I could fry my new PSU, or will the motherboard just not turn on.


A good PSU shouldn't crap out if you connect it to anything that's electrically dead.

It should be what's called "short circuit protected".

but if the PSU isn't designed to be shorted (poor design in my opinion) then there could be problems.