Will not turn on with battery installed and charger connected


Sep 30, 2009
Hi; I have a HP G62-222us notebook from my chuch that was on during a lightning storm. Folks thought it was zapped but not exactly.

Unit will run on wall power which I'm doing now. When battery installed unit will not run even with charger connected. Light indicating wall power at the charger plug connecter does not light with the battery installed. Does light when battery out. I have totally disassembled the unit and do not see or smell any obvious sign of overcurrent. I'm ready to purchase a new battery but want to get some input as to possible Motherboard damage.

So does anyone know how the battery input is porcessed vrs the wall power input? I know the battery has a circuit card to prevent overcharging of the individual cells.

Does it have a disable function to prevent charging and motherboard turn on? Battery is a 593553-001 pn 10.8 v 47Wh.

My objective is not to purchase a battery if the motherboard is the problem.

Thanks for your help.


Mar 8, 2011
Hi cris1939,
If your unit is working while plugged into the wall then that is an idication that its the battery. I work at HP and if you need any assistance with getting a new battery please email me at psgsocialmedia@hp.com. Please include your product info, contact info and in the subject line have Attn: Veronica-Tom.

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