Will p965 chipset support penryn?


Dec 25, 2006
I am looking pretty hard at a p965 mobo, but I don't know if the chipset will support the new 1333 45nm cpu's that will shortly come out. I am happy that 775 socket has proven stable and successful. Currently, an Intel CPU means lots of upgrade options. But with Penryn, I read that many p965 chipsets may be incompatible due to "electrical" issues. Does this mean that an enthusiast board like such as the asus p5b deluxe will have any problems with Penryn? I know higher end mobos are able to handle higher overclock of FSB... :?


I should have done a search, but this was a very recent topic of another forumite. my apologies. I do hope beyond hope that the new penryn core is compatible, but whatever. I would still appeciate any news.


Mar 14, 2006
I think it's a little early for any definative answers as to whether 965 boards will be compatable, however; I have seen boards with support for 1333 FSB, so if the board officially supports it, it's a pretty safe bet that 1333 45nm CPUs will work. The 45nm process will also be used for current E4300-6700 porocessors as well won't they? I can't remember but I'm sure the die shrink will be a way to drop the prices on current procs as well.