Question Will past prebuilt parts work with new Case,PSU and A new CPU?

Jul 30, 2018
Hello, Im trying to replace my old fx 4300 with a fx 8350 to run games better. I would upgrade to current gen but im a student and don't have that much money. Nevertheless I have the specs of my old prebuilt and I have the specs a new case and PSU.

Mobo: 760gma-p34(fx)
Case: AZZA CSAZ-221 Crismon
GFX: MSI RX 460 2gb
Ram: I don't know the exact specifics but its a 8gb single channel

If all the parts compatible that would be great otherwise if some are not compatible would you please say what and a solution. Thanks! (I also live in Canada)
They should all fit in a new case and a new psu should work unless the current supply has proprietary connectors. But I would honestly save your cash on the case and psu and put it toward a new ryzen system. Rock the 4350 until you just can t stand it anymore. While an 8350 Will help a little, the fx series is about dead, and the up grade isn't worth the price. Unless you're getting it for near free.


Feb 4, 2016
The 8350 won't make any real difference and your board doesn't look suitable for it anyway. It's not an upgrade it's a side step. All adding the extra 4cores/4 threads will do is increase your power draw and destabilize the board. Single threaded performance is about 10% between the 4300 and 8350 which won't make any significant difference in gaming and nor will adding extra threads since most games only use single thread or 2 threads. Besides which the 8350 will likely run too hot for the board too. Esp. on the stock cooler with it. There is no vrm heat sink on the board which means it is only suited to run the lower tdp 4300 quad core anyway.

If you don't have much money don't fritter it on obsolete systems. To make a significant upgrade you'd need to go all the way up to a ryzen 5 1600 at least, or whatever entry level Intel is to your liking. There is basically nowhere more to go on the fx platform it is obsolete there is nothing you can do spending money on it is pointless frittering.